Window Shopping – Vintage Hip Decor

The other day while I went in search of chalk paint for the family room chairs I managed to sneak in some window shopping at On A Whim Boutique and The Old Lucketts Store. If you are in the area definitely make a trip to these stores and many others in the area. You will surely find one of a kind pieces for you home.

I’m on a self imposed spending moratorium, if not would have gotten at least one of these bamboo cafe chairs as my desk/craft room chair. Wish I had seen these when I was looking for chairs for our breakfast table! At $20 a piece would have bought them all in a heart beat (there were 4 I think).

cafe chairs, bamboo cafe chairs, on a whim boutique, Vintage Hip Decor

Right next to them was this industrial sofa table made from old doors and pipes. I think I might end up DIY’ing something like this to go against the blank wall in our family room.

Industrial shelf, industrial sofa table, industrial table from doors, vintage hip decor

At The Old Lucketts Store, I found another DIY’able (is that even a word?) idea, a guitar shelf! Could easily do this by opening up an old guitar, adding tin tiles in the background (or even colorful wrapping paper), and screwing in shelves. Wouldn’t it be great in a kids room?

guitar shelf, vintage hip decor

Pop quiz time….You get brownie points for guessing what this light fixture is made of and how. I spent a good 10 mins staring at that thing thinking up ways of DIY’ing it! Nothing other than forging metal sheets! :(

bowl chandelier, vintage hip decor

They had one more of these beauties. Talk about a conversation piece!

bowl chandelier, vintage hip decor

Are you a fan of vintage hip decor? Would you bring any of these pieces home?


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      :( Didn’t take any pictures of the price tag and I can’t seem to remember the price on anything other than the chairs ( I message B about the chairs and the price). This was a few weeks ago. I’m drawing a blank. :(