Updates – Living Room

Hope y’all had a great weekend! Ours was kinda crazy. We made a quick trip to Jersey to meet a few friends. Though hectic, it was really nice catching up with all of them. The kids too had a blast as they got to meet their friends. On the home front, I’ve been moving things around the house as usual. Nothing major just a few small changes here and there. Pillows, vases, accessories tend to move around the house all the time.

These changes though small, pack a lot of punch and can make the rooms look fresh again. The best part, it costs you nothing as you are shopping your own house. So I thought I’ll dedicate this week to the changes I’ve made. You can expect a lot of pics and less talk.

Whats Ur Home Story: Living room makeover, Sherwin Williams August Moon

The moss terrarium is on its way to the kitchen island while stenciled pillows and the ‘Namaste’ pillow made their way from the family room to the living room.

Whats Ur Home Story: Living room with red accents, stenciled throw pillow

The cup on the end table was the kids’ contribution while I was busy painting the plate for the plate wall.

Whats Ur Home Story: Living room with red accents

The hydrangeas on the table are from the backyard. For the first time ever I’m trying to dry hydrangeas (that’s why it is all faded). Heard that the best way is to let the water in the vase dry by itself. Will keep ya posted.

The Ganesha is part of my collection that was on the floating shelves in the family room.

Whats Ur Home Story: coffee table decor, traditional Indian decor

I’m really liking the red pillows on the white couch. Maybe they are here to stay.

Whats Ur Home Story: Iron on Letter Pillow, Decorating with throw pillows

Here is the zoomed out view of the room. Still looking for an end table for the left hand side of the couch.

Whats Ur Home Story: Living Room Decor, Sherwin Williams August Moon

You guys already know how much I love my red Chinese horse! How can I leave you without a close up shot of this guy?

Whats Ur Home Story :coffee table decor, red accents, Chinese Horse

Do you keep moving things around your home too?


  1. Amu says

    Gorgeous room, Vidya. I love how the beautiful rug, color of the walls, red cushions and the accessories are all going together. The room looks so welcoming and all ready for the fall :)

    • whatsurhomestory says

      Thank you Amu. Kinda get bored with the same look after some time but don’t want to spend $ on buying new stuff. So moving things around is the only solution for me.