The Dining Room is Done!

It’s always so much fun to do a ‘before and after’ room post.  Without wasting any time our new dining room….

tone-on-tone stencil, Stenciled-wall, transitional-dining-room, Uzbek-Suzani-Stencil

And this is what we started with, blank builder white.

dining room decor

After adding a coat of paint, an 11 hour stencil marathon, and some art here is the new dining room.

tone-on-tone stencil, Stenciled-wall, transitional-dining-room, Uzbek-Suzani-stencil

A before shot from the other angle;

dining room before

Now for the after.

Whats Ur Home Story: Dining Room makeover

My camera acts weird sometimes, the stencils kinda disappear in some of the shots. So I’ve tried to take pics both in daylight and at night and with different settings. I don’t know how to best describe the paint color; it is not yellow or peachy, may be it is more buttery with a peachish tint to it. I know I am not making sense. All I know is, it is a happy color and every time I see it makes me feel like I’ve step into sunshine. It just lifts up my spirits.

Whats Ur Home Story

The after shot. You can see the stencils really well in this one.

tone-on-tone stencil, Stenciled-wall, transitional-dining-room, Uzbek Suzani Stencil

To recap, this is what we did;

  • Painted the room SW August Moon flat
  • Added the mirror, rug,  and temporary art work (more about that phase here)
  • Used the Uzbek Suzani stencil from Royal Design Studio to create a tone on tone effect using the same paint color but in high gloss
  • The stenciling was a leg and arm breaking process but it is well worth the effort
  • Added $5 art to the walls next to the windows
  • Switched out the temporary artwork with my mural painting
  • Finally added some flowers

Now for the last pic completing the 360 degree view of the room.

Tone on Tone wall stencil, Tone on Tone Stencil, tone-on-tone stencil, Stenciled-wall, transitional-dining-room, Uzbek-Suzani-stencil

Source List

Mirror – $29.99 – Home Goods
Kerala mural artwork – $57.24
Paint (Base Coat) – $26.99 (1 gallon, SW August Moon matched to Behr Flat at Home Depot)
Paint (stenciling) -$12 (1 quart, SW August Moon matched to Behr High Gloss at Home Depot)
Stencil – $53.10 (was $44.10 after using 10% of YHL coupon code, rest was shipping)
Brushes – $4.99 -Micheals
Adhesive spray – $4 (after using the 50% off coupon from Micheals)
$5 Art Project – $21.42 for 6 pieces
Curtains – $95.98 ($47.99 per panel) – (+$1 shipping)
Rug – $269.10 -HomeGoods (we opened up a HG card, so saved 10% on the $299 tag)
Vase -$6.99 -Home Goods
Flowers -$12 -Wegmans 
Total – $594.80

 tone on tone stencil


    • whatsurhomestory says

      Glad you like it Claire. It was hard work but well worth the effort, I think. Loved you blog.


    • whatsurhomestory says

      Thanks so much Melanie. I’m totally sold on stenciling. Planning to do a guest room in either Casablanca Trellis or Chez Sheik. Can’t seem to decide which one. They are so pretty.


    • whatsurhomestory says


      Glad you liked the stenciling. LOL (on the second part of the comment). :) The painting is of the Hindu God Ganesha, one of the best known and most widely worshiped deities in the Hindu pantheon. You can see at least one painting or statue of Ganesha in every Hindu home. This type of painting is called the ‘Kerala mural painting’ which is a fresco depicting mythology and legends usually found in ancient Hindu temples. This style of painting dates back to the 9th to 12th centuries. This was my second attempt at a painting anything on canvas ever. Just to let you know, majority of the 1B+ Hindus all over the world would consider the latter part of the comment offensive.

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you around more.

  1. Vipula says

    Hi Vidya,

    Fabulous stencil work! The room looks a lot richer in the after pictures. I actually like that you used a high gloss version of the same paint color – it makes the room look formal, appropriate for a dining room. No words to describe the beauty of the Lord Ganesha mural! The orange background really stands out on the yellow walls.

  2. says


    the stencil work is just so rich and elegant. I think the idea of choosing a high gloss of the same colour, though leading to a back breaking process, was pretty wise an idea. It looks very subtle yet royal. And i just know how madly tempting it is to complete a project at a stretch….it sort of gives me the high…..else my projects would remain incomplete….i can relate to that marathon of yours….gud job done ! Sunayana

    • whatsurhomestory says

      Thanks Sunayana. Totally agree. I’ve been wanting to do another stencil project but haven’t had the time to commit a few hrs towards for so many weekends now. Hope to see you around more.


  3. Amy from VA says

    Hi Vidya,

    I personally love the Ganesh artwork in your dining room. We also have a lot of Ganesh figures in our home thanks in part to my five week trip to India waaaaaay back in 1989 {has it been that long!?} Who wouldn’t love that fellow – the remover of obstacles…

    • whatsurhomestory says


      Great to hear you love Ganesha too. There is some thing about him that makes every one of his art works/statues look different. Wow, that was a long trip. The last few trips that we have been to have been much shorter. Where all did you go?


  4. Amy from VA says

    Hi Vidya,

    My childhood friend and I traveled to Bombay (still Bombay back then), Bangalore, Pune, and Madras. We stayed with my friend’s family and friends the entire time which made it extra nice – to be in the homes of people we knew and to see the day to day comings and goings of life (not to mention home cooking!).

    • whatsurhomestory says

      That sounds like an awesome trip. You guys did cover some ground there. Next time if you get a chance to visit, do check out Kerala (that where I’m from) and Rajasthan. Two very beautiful yet completely diff states, one tropical the other arid/ deserty.


    • whatsurhomestory says

      Thanks Melissa. It is such a happy yellow. Lifts my spirts up every time I walk into that room. Glad we could connect.

  5. Betty Lou says

    Love this, it is really pretty. On my computer screen your color looks like my favorite honey that comes from bees that feed on a field of wildflowers.