Our Summer Front Yard

Every time I pull into my drive way I can’t help thinking how far our landscaping has come since we discarded the builder basics 2 years ago. Our Summer front yard has come full circle this year!

summer porch, summer front yard

The past few years I’ve had only Perennials (B is big on those ‘coz of the return of investment) but this year I added annuals, Imaptiens in my favorite color red, to the bed and man, do they make a statement!

summer front yard

Just 2 years ago, the beds were looking like this.

summer porch--2

And now!

summer porch-0240

The side elevation went from this

summer porch-2012

to this! The power of landscaping! What else can I say?

summer porch-0224

Nowadays the beds are abuzz with bees and butterflies.

summer porch-0265

Even the porch sports a happy look.

summer porch-0345

As with the rest of the house Red is the accent color. You know, I cannot stay away from Red for too long.

summer porch-0276

This is soon after we put in the new landscaping in 2012.

summer porch-

Fast forward to 2014……Can’t believe those bushes have filled out so well!

summer front yard -transitional home

We might even have divide those next year. They are that big.

the power of landscaping

How is your front yard looking? Do you mix in Perennials and Annuals?



  1. Jesny says

    I envy your yard V. It’s looks amazing. Impatiens it is for next year. What’s a good time to plant them, spring?

  2. says

    It is a picturesque view you have right there.It must be making you incredibly happy to see it everyday right! We live in a rental town home.Given my infamous black thump, I don’t know how to have a garden with least investment.

    • says

      Thanks Anima. I would try hard perennials like the Salvia, the purple flower in the pic or black eyed susan. these are pretty hard to kill. And add in some annuals like impatiens or Petunias.

  3. says

    Hey Vidya…Love your creativity and you have got a beautiful house…I cannot stay away from red either….so got some vines with red flowers in our front yard too…and we have red color on our accent walls and staircase too.