Sharpie Doodle Easter Eggs

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Before I get into the details of how I made these super easy Sharpie Doodle Easter eggs, need to tell you the back story on how I’ve displayed them in my home.

sharpie doodle easter eggs, doodle easter eggs, spring decorating, spring crafts, easter eggs

The earliest memories I have of the snake plant is seeing it in my Achamma’s (paternal grandmother) backyard. Every time we cooked eggs, my Achamma would crack the shell open gently so she could retain most of it intact, would then proceed to rinse the shell, head outside, and place it over the tall snake plant leaves! As my cousins and I grew older Achamma would delegate the task to us; we would patiently stand in line all excited waiting for our chance to decorate the snake plant with the egg shells! It took some amount of patience to balance the shell over the pointy leaves. If you do it fast you end up risking an egg shell casualty. Us kids, took the task pretty seriously and even prided on our egg shell balancing skills! :)

In all those years I have never asked why she did it. I just assumed that it was the thing to do especially when I came across similar egg adorned snake plants in our neighbors’ yards too! It did seem like a general decorative practice in that part of the world (Kerala, India). I’m as dumbfounded today as I was back then on the reasoning behind this practice! All I can think of is that, being in the tropics people are used to having flowers all around them all the time. The snake plant with just its variegated leaves was presumed to be rather “dull” that it needed an extra something. But why eggs? Still baffled!

Anyways, whenever I see a snake plant it is the tall plant in my grandma’s yard that comes to mind, sporting egg shells on its leaves. So when I was making Easter Eggs, the first thought that crossed my mind was my Achamma and her snake plant! This one is an ode to my dear grandma.


I was sure I had taken in process pictures but it looks I didn’t. The process is super simple take a blown out egg and doodle away with a Sharpie to your heart’s content. You could seal the design with Mod Podge if you want but not necessary. For some of the shells I made the holes the I used to blow out the egg really large so that I could balance them over the leaves. For others I just poked a skewer into the shell and stuck the skewer into the snake plant’s pot.

How to Make a Blown Out Egg

  1. With a safety pin poke a hole on the top wider part of the egg. Move the pin around so that the size of the hole becomes slightly larger.
  2. Take the pin out and put a toothpick through the hole. Again move it around so that the hole gets bigger. Moving the tooth pick around will also break the yolk, which will make blowing the egg out easier later.
  3. Repeat Step 1 & 2 on the opposite narrower end. This time no need to make the hole as large as the top one.
  4. Place the egg over a bowl and blow through the top wider hole til you get all the contents out.
  5. Rinse the empty shell with water and dry.
  6. Once it is completely dry you craft with it.

Now for the climax…….As soon as I took the first shot (was outside on the deck) the wind just swept all the eggs away and BAM, they crashed onto the deck into pieces. :( My only consolation is that these are super easy to recreate. Rest assured we’ll be making more to jazz up our snake plant leaves.

sharpie doodle easter eggs, doodle easter eggs, spring decorating, spring crafts, easter eggs

Have you heard of this practice of decorating snake plant leaves with eggs? Any idea why they do it? Have you had your pretty Easter eggs crack on you?

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      LOL! I still see the egg shells in the pot on the soil in India along with used tea leaves. That’s because of the calcium and the other nutrients in the shells to sub for fertilizer. But on the leaves? Confused…..

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    These are gorgeous! So sad that they broke! I have never heard of this idea of decorating snake plants with eggs. It looks pretty though! If you have a second I would love if you linked up with us at The Makers link party over on my blog. :)

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    So pretty. I came over from the Bloggertunities weekly share list. I’ll be sharing these on my Fri Faves post today. Thank you for the inspiration.