Pinspiration 15th – Creative Planters

Spring is  around the corner; time to brush up my gardening skills. Looking at my ‘Garden Ideas‘ board in Pinterest, I’m seeing a  lot of innovative ways to display pants. Succulents are especially easy to plant in unusual ways. They are plants that store water in their stems and leaves and usually grow in dry areas. Succulents are great plants for someone starting out in gardening or folks who generally don’t have a green thumb. As their water requirements are so low, it is difficult to kill them. Isn’t this toy truck such an innovative planter idea?

toy truck planter


More succulents, this time in the form of a wreath.  You could make this with a regular wire wreath form by filling it with moss and dirt (much like you would make a topiary). Here is a link to a tutorial of how to make it.

succulent wreath


A painted old tire hung on a fence or wall serves as a great way to plant hanging plants.

recycled tire planter


Don’t these white mums planted next to a milk can looks like split milk?



These zero maintenance aerophytes, plants that derive moisture and nutrients from air, can easily thrive in shell planters like these. Some glass beads or pebbles will add to look.

shell planters


You guys know how much I love moss (see my moss terrarium post). See how a bunch of different mosses in a wide planter makes a huge impact?

moss decor


As usual, saved the best for the last. Every household with a boy would definitely have one of these dinos. You can spray paint them in any color that you want and drill a big enough hole inside. Some dirt, sphagnum moss, succulents and you’re all set. I’ve been eying one my son’s dinosaurs for some time now to make a similar one.

dinosaur planters


What have you been inspired by lately?

PS: Given all the recent hoopla over copyright issues with Pinterest, here is a great article on how to Pin correctly.