Same Look 4 Less – Chandelier Knock Offs

Lately I’ve been combing the lighting aisles at every store looking for inspiration for the DIY chandelier in my laundry room. I have a gazillion ideas popping up in my head but none of them seem to match the vibe I want in the room. Anyways, there I was looking for unusual things to turn into pendants when some of the lights hanging overhead caught my eye. They looked like very good knock offs of expensive versions you would find at designer stores at a fraction of the cost!

See for yourself;

Capiz chandelier, Chandelier Knock offs

A. West Elm -$149

B. World Market – $70

Granted the World Market version is not white but I can assure you that the picture does not do any justice to this beautiful light. I have 2 of these in the smaller size in my kitchen and LOVE them. See how I converted these table lamp attachments into pendants here.


Another one that I can personally vouch for, this 3 Light Crystal Mini Chandelier.

Crystal mini chandelier knock off, Potterybarn Chandelier Knock offs

C. Pottery Barn – $399

D. Lowes – $189

Again don’t let the bland Lowes picture fool you, friends of ours have installed it in their home and it is beautiful!

Remember this iconic Target Capiz Shell Floral Pendant that introduced me to Capiz pendants? You know I can’t stay away from Capiz for too long. 😉

Target Capiz Chandelier Knock offs, Round Capiz light

E. Target – $400

F. World Market – $150

Yes, World Market has hit the jackpot for us cost conscious customers with their find! It is almost the same size too!

Aren’t those some awesome deals? What’s your favorite pick?


  1. Anu says

    I’m enamored by the Capiz chandeliers…
    I’ve always loved the capiz shell chandelier and it takes me back to my childhood days… my aunt had one in her house. I still remember looking at it when I was young and wondering what it was made of…. perhaps from starched silk papers. :-)
    And I always wanted one for myself….So a big Thank you for taking me back to my childhood and reminding me to get one of these myself!!!
    And as always you know what my next question to u will be………

  2. says

    I used to have the real pottery drop pendant one, and I’ve seen the lowes one in person. The lowes one is pretty, but the Pottery Barn one has the details down and looks much much better. :)