West Elm Gilded Pine Cone Ornament Knockoff

It is officially Christmas at WUHS! Yay! We have our first ornament tutorial today, a knock off of the gilded pine cone ornament from West Elm.

Whats Ur Home Story: DIY Gold Pine Cone Ornament,Gilded Pine Cone Ornament, West elm pine cone ornament

The moment I saw the ornament on the West Elm website I added it on to my to do list. And guess what it is super simple? Take a closer look.

Whats Ur Home Story: Gilded Pine Cone Ornament, West elm pine cone ornament

I used the pine cones from my Thanksgiving centerpiece and Krylon Gold spray paint from here and here. All it took were two light coats. To make the hanging loop you can use gold ribbon or string or any kind of twine. I had some green raffia left over from the art display project in my son’s room.

Make a knotted loop and cut off the excess. 

Whats Ur Home Story: How to make a Gilded Pine Cone Ornament, pine cone ornament tutorial

Hot glue the knot to the base of the pine cone. 

Wondering about the other pine cone? More DIY ornaments on the way. 😉

Whats Ur Home Story: Gilded Pine Cone Ornament, West elm pine cone ornament, holiday decor

Ta da…. you have your glittering beauty!

Whats Ur Home Story: DIY Christmas Tree Ornament

And that too for totally free.  At West Elm the large pine cone (sold out) will cost you $6 while the smaller one $2 (now on sale for $1)!

Do you DIY ornaments for your tree? Would love to see what you all do. Or even better if you have your tree up how about sharing some pics?

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  1. says

    You are going nuts with the gold spray paint! This is the first year we will have a tree; but we have no ornaments as yet. I’ll have to give this a try!

  2. Garima says

    I’ll give this a try too.Although I just bought a bag of Pine cones silver painted from the Christmas Tree Shop for 3.99 or something:)

  3. says

    They look beautiful~ I made some myself painting pinecones with white chalk paint and spraying with glitter blast! Pinecones are beautiful!