Gallery Wall Tutorial

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Now that you know the story behind the gallery wall the next big question; how did we manage to hang all those frames up? It is actually pretty simple.

post card gallery, diy wall decor, Gallery Wall Tutorial

I got half of the the frames at Big Lots as mentioned here and the rest from K Mart. Unfortunately all our local Big Lots’ ran out of the frames that I wanted and I had to go for similar but way costlier ones from K Mart. The only consolation was that the expensive ones came with pre-made mats while I had to make my own mats using poster board/craft paper from Micheals for the others.

  • Lay your frames on the floor and play around with it till you figure out the layout that appeals to you the most.
how to make a gallery wall
  • Once you finalize the layout, time to take out the camera. Click away so you have something to look back to if you get confused as to what goes where later.
  • Keep aside your frames. In the space where the frame were put down cardboard or any hard paper. This is key if you are working on carpet like me. I did not have a piece of cardboard that was big enough so I just laid down the poster board (I had lots that I had bought for another project).
  • Now comes the fun part. Really, can’t thank this blog, Brooklyn Limestone enough for this brilliant idea. Thank you again! You guys just saved us a whole lot of time and arguing. :)
  • Ok, the fancy schmancy must have in this project, wrapping paper. If you are planning on a large gallery wall then you would need the extra wide roll. Luckily I had lots left over from last Christmas.
  • Lay the wrapping paper down over your hard surface. Cut the wrapping paper to size making sure that it is a perfect rectangle. Arrange the frames in the earlier layout. This is where the photo comes in handy.
gallery wall tutorial
  • Trace the outlines of the frames with a Sharpie. Number the rectangles on the paper and the corresponding frame. I just wrote the number on the price tag sticker on the frame.
  • Measure where the nail hole should be for each frame and mark on the rectangle.
  • There you have it, your template.
  • Stick the template on your wall with painter’s tape.
DIY photo gallery wall
  • Once you have it aligned with the center of the wall, nail away on the hole marks.
how to hang photos


  • Hang the frames according to the # key.
picture gallery wall, Gallery Wall Tutorial
  • Tear away the paper and voila!
create a gallery wall, Gallery Wall Tutorial

Wasn’t that a piece of cake? Thank God for templates!

One more tip. To peel of the sticky price tags from the glass use a hair dryer on the warm setting. The heat will loosen up the glue and the sticker will come off easily.

remove glue from glass

Remove any excess glue with a paper towel dipped in rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.

Wondering what the movie reels are doing in the home office? You can read about it here. More about the room makeover here.


9 Frames from Big Lots – $31 (unfortunately they didn’t have more, so had to get the rest from K Mart)
6 Frames from K Mart – $58.75 (including the 2 large ones)
2 Vintage Movie Reels – $38.84 – Old Lucketts Store Spring Market
Oval Frame – $1  – It’s Bazaar on 21st St
Craft Paper -$2.07 – Michaels
Total – $131.67
 how to create a gallery wall