I’m floating………………

I’ve been drooling over floating shelves like these for some time now. By the way, they are called floating as the hanging hardware is invisible and they appear as if they are well.. floating.

floating shelves, floating shelves arrangement ideas

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beautiful book shelves, floating shelves arrangement ideas

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The TV wall in our family room was screaming for some action and we thought that these shelves would add the much needed drama. Here is a very pathetic (again cropped from a poorly taken long shot) ‘before’ picture of the wall. It is a 10 x 18 wall. So imagine the expanse we needed to cover even after slapping on a 48″ TV up there!

TV wall before

After some Googling and window shopping at quite a few places decided on the Ikea Lack shelves. From all the reviews they were by far the best and the cheapest. Oh man they are even cheaper now at $14.99; used to be $19.99 when we bought :( ! We toyed around with three different layouts; #1 arranged one below the other in a very symmetrical fashion, #2. Staggered but pulling away from the TV  so as to  make the room appear large, and #3 staggered and pulling towards the TV making it an even more stronger focal point. My super genius way to help B visualize the ‘after’ scenarios, hand drawn sketches (again before I discovered Mydeco). :) 

decorating with floating shelves, floating shelves arrangement ideas

Update: The rooms looks like this now. See our bigger media console? More pics of the room here. Keep reading to see how we landed on the plan to hang the shelves around the TV and for the hanging tutorial in the end.

convert a buffet into a TV console, floating shelves

To up the drama, we decided on the staggered yet pulled out option #2 and bought 6 shelves in black-brown. Now comes the fun part, installing these………..Wait…no, sadly I’m not going to be of much help here :( . We chickened out and got it installed professionally. Given our staggered layout we would have to be precise on all the measurements, which we are not good at. Even to hang a simple picture we take at least half an hr and usually it ends in an ‘I said’ ‘you said’ argument with the picture being hung ever so slightly crooked. So in the light of preserving the quiet at home and saving ourselves some time and effort we called a handyman. Actually not just for this; he helped us with hanging a few ceiling fans, curtain rods etc. So $ wise it was not that bad. Yes…I can hear a few of you cringe, especially my super handy dad. In my defense, I already had a disclaimer on  my ‘About‘ page about how ‘not handy‘ we are. Unfortunately we really suck at taking measurements (that, coming from two engineers!) and we didn’t want to mess this up. Our friend, Mr. Jose, did an excellent job and it turned out great!

floating shelf , floating shelves arrangement ideas

A side view;

decorating with floating shelves, floating shelves arrangement ideas

Those are all the knickknacks that I could put together when it was done. The photos in there are a few years old and need updating. I am currently working on tweaking the display. So you can expect a detailed post on that soon.

Here is a close up of the two sides sides in different light settings on the camera;

floating shelf decor

decorating book shelves, floating shelves arrangement ideas

One more look;

decorating with floating shelves, floating shelves arrangement ideas

A recent shot of the same view. More pics.

Whats Ur Home Story: Reclaimed wood media console, reclaimed wood buffet, industrial sideboard

Update: We loved the floating shelves so much that we installed them in my son’s room too. Here’s the tutorial on hanging the IKEA LACK shelves.



    • whatsurhomestory says

      Thanks Nalini for dropping by and taking the time to comment. The color is Sherwin Williams Latte. In the US you can get it matched to any brand that you want from Home Depot or Lowe’s.

  1. Preetha says

    me tooooo….love love love floating shelves..planning to have them all over the house :D..but so far, I’ve got nothing done :(..still in the planning process..walls are completely bare..boring, boring…oh wait, why am I writing all this when you’re going to see it for yourselves on sunday…guess you can help me figure out some of my dilemma..can’t wait for you guys to get here..Arjun & Isha are so excited!!!

  2. Jennine Fox says

    In your post you mentioned having a handy man put up the shelves, but could you please let me know about what the space between each shelf is and the space between the top shelf and the ceiling. I love how this looks and would love to recreate it in my house! :)