Felt Flowers

I didn’t discover felt until mid 2012 when I was looking into adding some glam to my daughter’s hair bands. Needless to say ever since I made those felt rosettes I was hooked. Did you know, felt is one of the few textiles in the world that is non-woven? It is made by condensing and pressing the fibers together. And because there is no weave it doesn’t unravel at a cut edge! This extra special quality makes it the best candidate for any craft. Just imagine what a mess it would have been if all those circles on my yellow pillow started to unravel! Or the rosettes on my felt tree. Plus the ease with which felt works with hot glue, it is the first thing I pick up when I’m ready to craft. So it was no big surprise that I fell back on the trusty felt flowers to make my Spring wreath.

felt flowers, felt flowers diy

If you look closely you can see that the petals of each flower is different from the other. The top yellow is not as fluffy as the bottom one. The fuchsia petals are very rigid, ‘coz I used peal and stick felt which meant that when I folded it to make the cuts the pieces stuck to each other. For the bottom cream one I made the cuts on the diagonal rather than straight like the others. Goes to show that with a slight change you can customize these flowers to look like whatever you want.

Ready for the How to?

felt flowers, felt flowers diy


Hot Glue


  • Cut a long piece of felt 1.5 -2 inches wide. The longer the piece the bigger your flower will be.
  • Fold the piece length wise in half and make a neat crease.
  • If you want the crease to stay folded you can hot glue the fold together with a small bead of glue but it is not necessary.

how to make felt flowers

  • Make straight cuts half way through the felt all along the length. The wider the cuts less fluffy the flower will be (like the top yellow). This is where you can experiment with the cut. The diagonal cut will give you star shaped petals like the bottom cream one.
  • Start your flower by rolling the felt on itself tightly, keep hot gluing as you go.

felt flowers tutorial

That’s it, make as many as you want and enjoy!

felt flowers tutorial

 Do you craft with felt too?

PS: Don’t forget to check back on Thursday. Got some real exciting news.


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    Thanks so much for the instructions!! I saw your wreath on Pinterest and particularly loved the flowers- I was so excited when you had a link with how to make them!