Felt Flowers & Fabric Scraps Spring Wreath

It is hard to envision bright, beautiful tulips (all 50 of them) dotting my walkway or the maple in our front yard full of fresh green leaves when you are shoveling almost a foot of snow from your driveway! But I know Spring is right around the corner; can smell it in the air, the way Mother Nature has been teasing us with 60ºF days, by the look of the not so brown grass, by the sneeze fest that I end up in every time I step out…. Yup she is right there for us to enjoy…..all we need to do is give Old man Winter a few more days to say goodbye….

Don’t know about you but I have a hard time being patient about these things especially when it comes to thoughts about warm weather and being in flips flops again. Invariably the impatient imp that I’m find ways to trick myself into believing that Spring is already here. You know, by breaking out every colorful piece of decor that you own, skipping St. Patrick’s day altogether and getting a jump start on  Easter crafts, hanging a bright and cheerful wreath on your door……..

fabric scraps wreath, Spring Wreath, felt Flower wreath

All this while trying to work with what I have. That has been my latest motto, rummage through my craft stash to see if I can make something out of it and buy something new only if I have nothing in there to work with. Other than the fake fern sprig from Micheals I didn’t spend a penny to make this beauty. The chevron fabric scraps are from a chair makeover while the vintage lace I salvaged from a neighbor’s trash. The yellow felt strips for the flowers are leftovers from my felt circles pillow,  the other pieces of felt from my handmade Christmas ornament project. The wreath frame is the same one I used to make my Magnolia wreath.


Foam Wreath form
Fake Greenery
Fabric Scraps
Felt flowers (see how to make these pretty felt flowers)
Hot Glue Gun
A small pieces of poster board
2 Pipe cleaners

fabric scraps wreath, spring wreath, felt flower wreath


  • Before you start try wrapping the fabric scraps around the wreath form to see if you have the required length to cover the form. Nothing fancy just some slopping wrapping would do. All you are trying to gauge is how much fabric you need. Also place your flowers  (tutorial for the felt flowers) on the wreath to get an idea of their layout.

fabric scraps wreath, spring wreath, felt flower wreath

  • Now that you have your pattern figured out start by hot gluing one end of your fabric scrap to the underside of the foam and wrap tightly as you go. If your scrap is not long enough just end it on the back of the foam and start with a new piece. Hot glue the other end. Start with the next scrap in this case, the vintage lace. I liked the look of the lace over the chevron fabric so I made sure that I started the 2nd chevron wrapping before I hot glued the other end of the lace.

fabric scraps wreath, spring wreath, felt flower wreath

  • For the flowers, trace the wreath form (where the flowers are supposed to go) onto a piece of poster board, cut out, and glue the flowers in the layout that you liked from Step 1.

fabric scraps wreath, spring wreath, felt flower wreath

  • Hot glue the pipe cleaners to the back of the poster board at places where the weight of the flowers would be the most. Ideally you should use pipe cleaners that would match your fabric but black is all I had on hand.

fabric scraps wreath, spring wreath, felt flower wreath

  • Glue the fake leaves to your poster board too. Now attach the poster board ‘flower piece’ to the wreath by tightening the pipe cleaners. And there you have it, your fabric scraps Spring wreath.

fabric scraps wreath, spring wreath, felt flower wreath

Are you ready for Spring too? Do you usually make Spring Wreaths?


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