February Wrap Up – A Big Thank You!

February has always been my favorite month of the year, of course had to be coming from a true blue Aquarian.  This year has been extra special, thanks to you guys!

We had so many firsts this month at WUHS. I know, you shouldn’t pay attention to the numbers still it kinda makes you feel that all the effort that you put in is not going down the drain. Hey, I look at numbers for a living. So by this point it has become a habit. Plus….it’s  fun to toot your own horn! 😉

  • Got featured for the first time. Thanks again Patty from Colours Dekor for the kind words.
  • Crossed 10,000 all-time views. As of March 1st 16,000+ all-time views
  • Crossed the 10,000 views in a month mark raking in just under 12,000 for Feb alone
  • Crossed  1,000 unique hits in a day, thanks to my DIY Container Water Garden post going viral on Pinterest and Tip Junkie
  • Best of all my Alexa Global rank is 938,892 (started out at 25,683,374 in mid Jan) and the US rank is 104,507. It seems a ranking of 100,000 or less means you are popular. I’m already feeling giddy. A detailed post on how the ranking system works and blog tips coming soon.
  • Working with a pro-blogger to do a guest post on my blog.

Isn’t that awesome for a blog that started on New Year ’s Day? Couldn’t have done it without you guys! A special thanks to the Colours Dekor, YHL, Tipjunkie, and Pinterest fans!  I’m totally humbled by all your support .



  1. says

    Wow, you just made me go bonkers with the kind of statistics that you have shared.

    Surely a testament to the kind of consistent quality that you have been showing through your posts.

    Hearty congratulations and good luck :)


  2. says

    And btw, what statistics would you recommend as being consistent for recording unique visits and page hits ? I use statcounter, and then there is blogger stats, analytics… All of them seem to show inconsistent data.. So a big confusion there !

    • whatsurhomestory says

      So far I have been relying only on WordPress Jetpack stats. They show you the unique visits, each page views, and the referral sites. I have tried looking at Google Webmaster Tools but I think you need to build up history for that. Have heard Google Analytics is also good but haven’t had time to look into it. Do let me know if something better is out there.


      • says

        Hi Vidya,
        I use statcounter and Google Analytics… I did a little research after my comment here and found that Blogger’s native stats is additionally capturing spam visits and hence always is showing inflated results (3 times more than the genuine visits). I had one IP Address which I did not exclude in analytics . I did that today and statcounter and analytics are showing the same (almost) data.

        Google analytics is good for the additional inputs like bounce rates that it gives me and also to understand better about organic, direct and referral visits. Analytics is quite exhaustive and I still have not explored it completely.

        Webmaster tool is good for monitoring the health of my site (Malwares, broken links etc…) , to submit the sitemap for google to crawl and also to understand the impressions my blog is getting. But don’t really rely on it for the visit data.

        Guess it is a combination of stats that I will have to use to arrive at some near accurate analysis.


  3. Sreeja Nair says

    Wow Vidya , amazing stats , guess you are on the way to pro-blogging. Btw, I’m a silent fan of yours and woud have read all your posts more than twice/thrice! Really appreciate your patience ..need to learn some tips from you on that:) wil keep the ‘guru dakshina’ for that next time we meet .