Family Room Chairs Update

To recap, after much searching I found two adorable cane chairs on Craigslist around this time last year. While I took my own sweet time trying to decide on what I wanted to do with them, they gathered dust in my already messy garage.

Cane back chairs, Cane back chair makeover

More design prodding followed and eventually last November I decided on the fabric. Now, exactly a year after I got them, the musty Kermit frog green velvet is off.

cane chair makeover

Unlike my previous chair makeover this time around the dismantling and un-stapling process was way easier ‘coz we had the right tool, the Swingline Heavy Duty Staple Remover*. A quick sanding with a 220 grit sandpaper later;

cane chair makeover

The original plan was to use Annie Sloan Chalk paint and I had my heart set on Napoleanic blue. But at the store the sample looked like this. :(

ascp Napoleanic blue

The left side is using the clear wax (what I have) to finish while the right side was finished with the dark wax. I was leaning towards the dark wax look but didn’t want to spend $30 on getting a large tub of dark wax that I would hardly use. My clear wax tub is still intact. Wish ASCP waxes came in smaller tubs!

Anyways off to Home Depot I went and the guy there suggested Kilz! And I was like, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Every blogger worth their furniture repainting worth swears by this gem and I had totally forgotten about it!

kilz primer

True to what I’ve heard Kilz sticks to things like it is no one’s business. And this is where we are now ( ignore the mess in the background, the garage is long overdue for a cleaning) after a coat of Kilz;

cane chair makeover

Oh, and I also used Elmer’s Wood filler to fix a few dings and dents on the chair.

Elmer's wood filler

One thing I realized during this endeavor is that when it comes to paint, I’m very fickle and I change my mind at the very last minute. Contrary to all my plans I walked into Home Depot and just a picked a paint strip that spoke to me (Isn’t that a normal thing? Don’t paint strips talk to you?). I mean, even I couldn’t believe myself, after all that planning! I just walk into the store, go to the paint section, decide on what I want then and there and order my paint!  I did the exact same thing for the laundry room herringbone ceiling! At least this time, I ordered only a sample pot of Behr Rain Storm, the darkest one on this strip.

Behr Rain Storm

Even B is skeptical of the paint color but my heart says it will all fall into place in the end. Wish me luck folks, gonna paint today.

Have you made on the spot paint decisions in the store? How did it go?

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  1. says

    Vidya, I have used Kilz primer spray on a laminate bookcase and it really works. Waiting to see your chair makeover….good luck with the paint job. Your garage looks lot cleaner than mine.

  2. SheBlooms says

    This post has been a life saver or will be once you finish…lol

    I found – stole a pair of the same chairs at a local Goodwill for $9.99 a chair.
    Now that I have them home I am stumped with what I want to do with them.
    At least I know I will Kilz me some chairs first and then decide!!

    THANK YOU so much for your blog, I originally seen your magnolia wreath post then spent a day scouring Pinterest to find it again (I had a moment where I was wise enough to email myself that link)
    Now you have helped me again!

    Can’t wait to see your finished chairs, and WHEN I finish I will show you mine!


    • says

      Wow $9.99 for the chair! That’s quite a deal. Yup the primer went on well. I have since painted it blue. In the process of sewing the seat covers. Will keep you posted. Thank you so much! You comment made my day. :)


  3. says

    LOVE the results. I have the same chairs, they were even the same gold upholstery before the recover. I have them in my bedroom. Would love to paint the stain but the hubby will not consent to me painting the bedroom suite so guess the chairs will have to remain stained.

    • says

      :( I know how you feel. Sometimes we do have to pick our decorating battles. 😉 Aren’t those chairs super comfy? I would’ve never guessed they would be so great to sit on!