Cane Chairs Dilemma

You know all about how I found these fabulous cane chairs on Craigslist back in the day.

Cane back chairs, Cane back chair makeover

Oops just pulled up the date on that post and oh my gosh was that almost a year ago? Goes to prove how lazy or rather fickle minded I am when it comes to deciding on what to do with a particular project. Anyways, I’ve finally decided to get my act together and start this project, thanks to my trip the Mary Jo fabric store in Charlotte last Fall.

Mary Jo's cloth store, fish scale fabric

The apple green fish scale fabric is what is gonna be on the chairs. I know, pretty bold for my standards but I wanted to push myself with this makeover. My anti risk tendencies are so high that every time I end up making safe choices. It is time I break out of that and let my creativity run amok.

The floral Suzani is for the accent pillows in the family room. Now I need one more fabric, preferably in a deep navy with a self pattern on it to tie the two fabrics together. Haven’t found anything that has been calling my name yet so if you come across one do let me know. Come to think of it aren’t the fabric choices pretty different from what I had in mind earlier? At least I stuck to the color palette!

Though  I  B did start the process of de-retroing the chair we haven’t gotten too far along.

cane chair redo

The main reason being, I can’t decide what color I want to paint the chair or even if I want to paint them! Initially I had plans of painting it a navy (from The Chronicles of Home), then gray (from Number Fifty Three), and now can’t make up my mind!

painted dressers

A part of me wants to keep the chairs with the current wood stain but I don’t think it is possible as the cane does shoe a lot of wear and tear in some areas. Frankly I don’t think I have enough mastery to sand the cane down and re-stain.

What do you say? Should I paint it?

Update: The project is now done! See my new cane chairs here.


  1. says

    I love the classic barrel cane chairs and I love the green fish scale fabric. I would tend to want to pair the fabric with a white frame. I have a caned barrel type chair upstairs that I bought off of Craigslist many moons ago. I had planed to paint the frame black and use a graphic black and white print. We’ll see if that happens.

    • says

      That would look NICE! I’ve been loving black painted furniture a lot lately. But given the giant dark brown sectional in the room, it might be an overkill. Would love to see you ‘After’ pics.


  2. Lisah says

    The apple green and white fabric is my favorite and would be most versatile, although the other fabric is lovely too. Darkening the stain to an espresso or charcoal grey would keep it more natural and traditional. White paint, maybe even distressed, would lend a cottage chic result. A pop of color such as aqua or flame orange would satisfy a taste for whimsy and fun. Navy or grey paint would not be my preference, because it would speak “boring”, “outdated”, or “eh” to me.