100th Post & Some Good News

Technically, this morning’s post was the 100th one. But that fact totally escaped me when I was writing it and I didn’t want to leave it unsaid, plus I’ve great news to share.

As you all know I started blogging on New Year’s day. It has been a fun 5 months and am truly grateful for all the love, support,  and encouragement you guys have shown me. Love you all! Like I said in the earlier post,  I have a very long ‘To Do List‘ for our home. Consider this as a special invite for you to join in all the fun we are about to embark on at WUHS.

Now for the news, (as you might have guessed I’m on cloud nine :) ) my article on decorating kids rooms was published in the latest issue of Prismma, India’s premier online home decor magazine. Here is a link to the “Inspired Room” section of the magazine, where the article is featured on the 50th page under the name Vidya Nair. There is a snap shot in the first few pages.