Let’s Talk Lights

rustic chandelier

Last week we were in Orlando visiting the Universal Resort. It was our first trip to Universal. Needless to say we had a blast. The kids are already making plans to go back next year.  It was a short trip, 3 days, not enough time to explore the real Orlando. As we were at the resort, the overhead lighting caught my eye and wondered if it would be of any interest to you guys. Thinking of all of you and the blog even on vacation; ain't that pure dedication? ;) Anyways....here it is, a post on theme park lighting. LOL! Hey...at least you guys gotta give me credit for trying. :) Heads up: Most of the pics were taken while we were standing in line at the rides/shows, so they are not great blah. How can you talk about Universal and not mention Hogwarts? This rustic chandelier in the hall … [Read more...]

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