Who’s at the door?

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Our front door is what the builder calls a prairie door. In layman words the top half of the door is a huge piece of arched glass. The result: anyone can peep into our house any time and anyone riding past at night gets a free viewing of the inside. Sorry don't have any 'Before' pictures but imagine what it would be like without that film!  During the construction we tried in vain to convince the builder into changing the glass. What next? A neighbor replaced his with a custom made stained glass that cost around $700. Hmm…we didn’t want to fork out so much on a door, so what do we do? I had painted a faux stained glass on a window in our townhome  using a  paint kit from Michaels. We wanted to try something different this time around. May be we could use decorative window films like … [Read more...]

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