Curtain Talk

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While brainstorming ideas for a post,  some comments that my living room pics received on the HGTV Rate my Space came to mind. The comments centered around the great debate on pooling/puddling curtains. What exactly is the right length for your curtains? What type of curtains look good? Is there a 'best' way to hang them? The answer is simple, the best way is to hang them the way you like it. Let's take a look at the different options that are out there. First, some detail on the different types of curtains. Rod Pocket: This is the most common type of curtain that you would find. It has a pocket on the top that can slip over a rod like the ones in my dining room.  I have these in my daughter's room too.  You could also hang them with rings. These give a slightly more formal … [Read more...]

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