Krishna Mural Painting Reveal

Kerala Mural Painting

Remember the mural painting sketch from last week? My plan was to paint Krishna playing his flute in a serene place (Vrindavan) by the river (Kalindi). I love how they paint the skies and water in the Kerala mural paintings and was dying to do add one to my mural too. The waves in the water and the fish are so whimsical.  Was super excited to transfer my sketch onto my 22 x 28 canvas. I think I have told you before, I have this tendency to  run out of luck in the middle of a project, switch to Plan B, C, D etc…., and then finally pull it all together by some stroke of ‘more’ luck. So yes, sticking to this tradition, by the time I drew Krishna’s figure on the canvas I ran out of space at the bottom to add anything else. Plan B: No river :( more creepers…..maybe he is sitting under a tree … [Read more...]

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