Reclining Sectional Troubles

leather reclining sectional

Straight to our clean lines vs. bulky/comfortable furniture battle.  We are looking for a large sectional for our family room.  B, actually may be both of us prefer leather over fabric. Reason? We cook a lot and Indian food sure has a spicy odor that the fabrics pick up so easily.  Ya….. we do have a high-fi range hood that does a great job (it better after all the $$$ that we spent on it). But the odor fanatic that B is doesn’t even want to take a chance. So leather it is! I am thinking as long as I can pair it with two fabric chairs we’ll be fine. So what is the issue? Recliners!!! Oh God, why do we have those? B would love a reclining leather sectional for his TV lounging. Incidentally almost all the reclining ones that we have seen so far are way too bulky and curvy like these. This … [Read more...]

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