3 Month Blog Anniversary & Giveaway!

As I mentioned yesterday, we just celebrated our 3 month blog anniversary at WUHS over the weekend. And I've got something special for you in honor, a $25 Home Goods Gift Card. By now, you know how addicted I am to Home Goods. :) What better way to show you my note of thanks for all the amazing support! I know, 3 months is not a big deal....still I really really appreciate all of you taking the time to visit my blog and share your story with me. Looking forward to many more fun days of interaction. Again, THANKS A TON! Just a few reminders about the giveaway; It is open to US residents only. I know it is a bummer for all you international readers out there. I'm still learning the ropes on how to conduct giveaways. I assure you that once I am well versed with the international … [Read more...]

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