1…2…Baby steps in Kerala mural painting

Kerala Mural Painting

After my somewhat successful first attempt (by my standards :) ) at a Kerala Mural painting and ample support from all my friends and family I got the courage to try my hand at it again. This time my empty foyer screamed out for a picture. Ganesha, the elephant headed god, is considered to be the Lord of Beginnings in Hindu Mythology. What better luck than to have this remover of obstacles adorn my foyer? I researched several pictures online studying the color rules (yes, there are a set of rigid rules like lighter shades for gods, darker ones for the bad guys etc) sizing up the pictures to see what I could attempt next. Most of the pictures were pretty complex so I had to weed out bits and parts from some and combine some techniques from others to come up with my version. This … [Read more...]

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