New Landscaping Reveal

Ya, finally!!! Drum roll please……….. ūüėČ

Heads up: Pic heavy post

As I’ve mentioned here and here we worked with an awesome landscape designer, Barabara Monfort¬†from Meadows Farms Nurseries to come up with a plan for the front yard. We then took her cues and came up with plans for the rest of the yard (the whole yard¬†needed some TLC real bad). Since it was too big of a project financially we decided to tackle it in parts aka. 2years.

Before we go any further, did I ever tell you that we have sprinklers in the yard that we’d gotten installed last year? The fussy handy man that he is, B just refused to take on the landscaping project for fear of rupturing the sprinkler tubes.¬†Luckily Jigar Desai from J & A Landscaping came to our rescue. Jigar and his great team got the whole thing done in a day. He was even gracious enough to offer a free mow so that the lawn would get a pro hair cut (guess B’s edge trimming didn’t really measure up to Jigar’s standards).

Without much ado here is what we started with,

front yard makeover 

Ta da…….

front yard makeover, front yard landscaping

I know, you cannot really see the mess out front in the ‚Äėbefore‚Äô pic. No worries, here is a close up.

landscaping project

We went from that to this;

landscaping makeover

We got rid of everything except for the two evergreens in the corners. Moved three of the four barberries to the other side.  Planted a plum dazzle crepe myrtle, the maroon one in the back, which grows up to 3-4 ft tall and has dark pink flowers (you can read more about my crepe myrtle love here). Added 2 drift/carpet roses. Swapped the azaleas for the salvia from the flower bed in the back.  Planted an abelia canyon creek in the corner on the right (with the light green leaves). It is supposed to grow to 2-3 ft tall and have fragrant white flowers.

On the other side we bid adieu to wilting¬†azaleas and half dying junipers. A¬†‚Äėbefore‚Äô shot;

landscaping before

Isn’t it way cleaner now?

landscaping after, front yard landscaping

Here is close up of the before.

front yard before


front yard after, front yard landscaping

A quick recap: The azaleas moved to the back yard and the salvia from the flower bed in the back moved to the front. The 3 barberries moved from the bed on the left. The day lilies moved to the right side of the bed. Got rid of all the junipers and dwarf barberries. Added another abelia canyon creek and 3 white drift/carpet roses to balance things off. And of course all the beds were cut wider.

Just look at all the plants they took out from the front alone! This is after we reused a lot of it.

yard redo

The biggest change however is that we moved the sick looking magnolia from the front to the side yard.

yard makeover

The landscape designer had suggested that the tree was most likely¬†going¬†to die. Ever since it has been blooming like crazy. We¬†also¬†learned that these trees do not¬†like¬†wind and the spot that it was in is one of windiest parts of the yard.¬†Anyways, I didn’t have¬†the¬†heart to throw it out and gave it a second chance in a less windy spot.

For now, we have a dead spot where the tree was.

yard makeover

We’ve filled it with sod from the side yard and also seeded¬†the¬†area. Hopefully it will spring back in a few weeks.

Had planned on showing you the whole thing today. But the post already has way too many photos. So I guess the side and the back yards will  have to wait until tomorrow.

Just a quick note; we got most of the plants from Meadows Farms Nurseries and some from Home Depot and Loews. This was our first time at Meadows Farms (I was always under the impression that nursery plants cost more) and we were really happy. The plants from Meadows Farms were way better in terms of quality and size than the others. The sales prices (they do have sales frequently) were almost the same as the big box stores. So do check out your local nurseries.

What do you guys think? Was the project worth the wait? Don’t forget to check back¬†tomorrow¬†for the rest of the reveal.


  1. says

    The “after” looks awesome! I know how much work went into all that and you guys did a great job. Isn’t mulch great? I just put some down last weekend and I think it really makes all the plants pop. Can’t wait to see the side and back yard pics!

    • whatsurhomestory says

      Thank you so much. Totally agree mulch finishes off everything. It is like a painting and a frame. :) Really happy with the way the side yard turned out. Can’t wait.